Bacc At It

Arthur Farnham’s Osmond 46 (a lengthened version of H&H’s wide beamed Osmond 42) has “awesome visibility from either station… and she’s a good, steady work boat.”

Miss Mariah

Owner: Jonathon Coffin, Steuben, ME
Dimensions: 47’ x 19’2” (18’6″ transom)
Speed: WOT, 28 Knots / Cruise 21 Knots

Avery Grace

Owner: Josh Cates, Cutler, ME
Dimensions: 49’11″ x 19’2” (+ 3′ stern extension)
Speed: WOT, 20.5 Knots / Cruise, 17 Knots


Owner: Alan Marriner, Owls Head, ME
Dimensions: 46′ x 17’6″ x 4’9″ (32′ cockpit)
Speed: WOT, 26.7 Knots / Cruise, 20 Knots

Laurie Ann

Owner: Ryan Shoppee, Bucks Harbor, ME
Dimensions: 46’ x 17’6”
Hull: Solid fiberglass
Speed: 24 knots WOT; 18 knot cruise @ 1800 rpm


Owner: Nick Lemieux, Cutler, ME
Dimensions: 50′ x 19’2″
Hull: Solid fiberglass
Speed: 25 knots

Katlyn Joan

The Katlyn Joan is outfitted with an aluminum stern extension (4′ deep at it’s widest point ), which will allow for deck loads of at least 200 traps.
Owner: Kyle Kennedy, Milbridge, ME
Dimensions: 42′ x 17’2″
Speed: 23.7 knots

Family Tradition

Jamie Thurlow used his own judgment on the positioning of Family Tradition’s full-length lifting rails – and her performance indicates that he got them in the right place.