Builder: H&H Marine, Steuben, ME
Finisher: Little River Boat Shop, Cutler, ME
Owner: Josh Cates, Cutler, ME
Dimensions: 49’11″ x 19’2” (plus 3′ stern extension)
Designer: Osmond Beal; Beals Island, ME
Fishery: Lobster
Hull: Solid fiberglass
Top: Single station; molded unit
Power: D16 Volva Penta (750 hp @ 1900 rpm) w/ 2:52:1 Twin Disc MGX 5136A  marine gear; Billings Diesel & Marine
Controls: Twin Disc EC300 QuickShift; North Atlantic Power Products
Speed: 20.5 knots WOT; 17 knot cruise @ 1700 rpm
Prop: 40” x 42” x 4”; Nautilus Marine
Shaft & Driveline Hardware: R.E.Thomas Marine Hardware
Hauler & Steering: Marine Hydraulics Engineering Co. Inc.
Hatches: Freeman (Hamilton Marine); custom hatches by Little River
Metal Fabrication: Little River; Fitzhenry Construction & Fabrication
Lights: DuraBrite
Electronics: Blackmore Electronics

Comments: “Super-sized” Osmonds have become Little River’s specialty of the house. Avery Grace is the third Osmond 47 the shop has extended.